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Global Water Futures

Global Water Futures: Solutions to Water Threats in an Era of Global Change (GWF) is a University of Saskatchewan-led research program to deliver risk management solutions--informed by leading-edge water science and supported by innovative decision-making tools--to manage water futures in Canada and other cold regions where global warming is changing landscapes, ecosystems, and the water environment. The GWF program aims to position Canada as a global leader in water science for cold regions and will address the strategic needs of the Canadian economy in adapting to change and managing risks of uncertain water futures and extreme events.

Asong, Zilefac Elvis; Wheater, Howard; Pomeroy, John; Pietroniro, Alain; Elshamy, Mohamed; Princz, Daniel; Cannon, Alex
Asong, Zilefac Elvis; Wheater, Howard; Pomeroy, John; Pietroniro, Alain; Elshamy, Mohamed; Princz, Daniel; Cannon, Alex
Rasouli, Kabir; Pomeroy, John; Janowicz, J. Richard; Williams, Tyler; Carey, Sean
Fang, Xing; Pomeroy, John; DeBeer, Chris; Harder, Phillip; Siemens, Evan
Pradhananga, Dhiraj; Pomeroy, John; Aubry-Wake, Caroline; Munro, D. Scott; Shea, Joseph M.; Demuth, Michael N.; Kirat, Nammy Hang; Menounos, Brian; Mukherjee, Kriti
Weber, Alana; Xie, Yuwei; Challis, Jonathan; DeBofsky, Abigail; Ankley, Phillip; Hecker, Markus; Jones, Paul; Giesy, John
DeBofsky, Abigail; Xie, Yuwei; Jardine, Timothy; Jones, Paul; Giesy, John
Asong, Zilefac Elvis; Elshamy, Mohamed; Princz, Daniel; Wheater, Howard; Pomeroy, John; Pietroniro, Alain; Cannon, Alex
Budhathoki, Sujata; Rokaya, Prabin; Lindenschmidt, Karl-Erich; Elshamy, Mohamed
Thériault, Julie M.; Déry, Stephen J.; Pomeroy, John; Stewart, Ronald E.; Smith, Hilary; Thompson, Hadleigh; Bertoncini, André; Desroches-Lapointe, Aurélie; Hébert-Pinard, Charlie; Mitchell, Selina; Morris, Jeremy; Almonte, Juris; Lachapelle, Mathieu; Mariani, Zen; Carton, Cécile
MacDonald, Matthew K.; Essery, Richard L. H.; Pomeroy, John
Vionnet, Vincent; Fortin, Vincent; Gaborit, Etienne; Roy, Guy; Abrahamowicz, Maria; Gasset, Nicolas; Pomeroy, John
Ankley, Phillip; Graves, Stephanie; Xie, Yuwei; DeBofsky, Abigail; Weber, Alana; Brinkmann, Markus; Palace, Vince; Hecker, Markus; Janz, David; Giesy, John
DeBofsky, Abigail; Xie, Yuwei; Challis, Jonathan; Brinkmann, Markus; Hecker, Markus; Giesy, John
Ankley, Phillip; Xie, Yuwei; Havens, Sonya; Peters, Lisa; Timlick, Lauren; Rodriguez-Gil, Jose Luis; Giesy, John; Palace, Vince
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