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Baker Creek Research Catchment Hydrometeorological and Hydrological Data

Description: It is uncommon to collect long term coordinated hydrometeorological and hydrological data in northern circumpolar regions. However, such datasets can be very valuable for engineering design, improving environmental prediction tools or detecting change. This dataset documents hydrometeorological and hydrological conditions in the Baker Creek Research Catchment from 2003 to 2016. Baker Creek drains water from 155 km2 of subarctic Canadian Shield terrain in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Seasonal half hourly hydrometeorological, ground temperature and soil moisture data were collected from representative locations, including exposed Precambrian bedrock ridges, peatlands, open black spruce forest and lakes. Hydrometeorological data includes incoming radiation, rainfall, temperature, humidity, winds, barometric pressure, and turbulent fluxes. Spring maximum snowpack water equivalent, depth and density data are included. Daily streamflow data are available from a series of nested watersheds ranging in size from 9 to 128 km2. These data provide the scientific and engineering communities with an opportunity to advance understanding of geophysical processes and improve infrastructure resiliency in this remote region.
Authors: Spence, Chris; Environment and Climate Change Canada; ORCID iD
Hedstrom, Newell; Environment and Climate Change Canada
Keywords: hydrology
ground temperature
soil moisture
Canadian Shield
water budget
Date: 12-Apr-2018
Publisher: Federated Research Data Repository / dépôt fédéré de données de recherche
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Spence, Chris; Hedstrom, Newell, "Baker Creek Research Catchment Hydrometeorological and Hydrological Data," 2018,