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Global Water Futures

Global Water Futures: Solutions to Water Threats in an Era of Global Change (GWF) is a University of Saskatchewan-led research program to deliver risk management solutions--informed by leading-edge water science and supported by innovative decision-making tools--to manage water futures in Canada and other cold regions where global warming is changing landscapes, ecosystems, and the water environment. The GWF program aims to position Canada as a global leader in water science for cold regions and will address the strategic needs of the Canadian economy in adapting to change and managing risks of uncertain water futures and extreme events.

19-Dec-2019Canadian Prairie Watershed ClassificationWolfe, Jared; Whitfield, Colin J.; Shook, Kevin R.; Spence, Chris
17-Dec-2019Data used for the analysis of dominant controls on evapotranspiration from the BERMS Old Jack Pine site, SaskatchewanNazarbakhsh, Mahtab; Ireson, Andrew; Barr, Alan
28-Nov-2019Evaporation modelling gridded data and meteorological station data for a case study at a rolling prairie landscape at St. Denis National Wildlife Area, Saskatchewan, CanadaArmstrong, Robert; Pomeroy, John; Martz, Lawrence
19-Jun-2019High-Resolution Meteorological Forcing Data for Hydrological Modelling and Climate Change Impact Analysis in Mackenzie River BasinAsong, Zilefac Elvis; Wheater, Howard; Pomeroy, John; Pietroniro, Alain; Elshamy, Mohamed; Princz, Daniel; Cannon, Alex
2-May-2019Aggregated gridded soil texture dataset for Mackenzie and Nelson-Churchill River Basins.Keshav, Kuljeet; Haghnegahdar, Amin; Elshamy, Mohamed; Gharari, Shervan; Razavi, Saman
30-Apr-2019Aggregated gridded bedrock depth dataset for Mackenzie and Nelson-Churchill River Basin based on bedrock data by Shangguan et al. (2017)Keshav, Kuljeet; Haghnegahdar, Amin; Elshamy, Mohamed; Gharari, Shervan; Razavi, Saman
4-Apr-2019A multi-scale meteorological dataset of the June 2013 flood in Southern Alberta, CanadaVionnet, Vincent; Fortin, Vincent; Gaborit, Etienne; Roy, Guy; Abrahamowicz, Maria; Gasset, Nicolas; Pomeroy, John W
19-Mar-2019Aggregate hydraulic conductivity data from site investigations in south-central Saskatchewan, CanadaFerris, David M.; Ferguson, Grant A.G.; Potter, Gregory
19-Mar-2019An ensemble of 500 time series of weekly flows from 1600-2001 for the four sub-basins of the Saskatchewan River Basin generated through disaggregating tree-ring reconstructed flow.Slaughter, Andrew; Razavi, Saman
21-Feb-2019Raw data and video outputs from a CE-QUAL-W2 hydrodynamic and nutrient model for different Lake Diefenbaker Reservoir withdrawal depth scenariosSadeghian, Amir; Carr, Meghan; Lindenschmidt, Karl-Erich; Morales-Marin, Luis
16-Oct-2018Hydrometeorological data from Marmot Creek Research Basin, Canadian RockiesFang, Xing; Pomeroy, John; DeBeer, Chris; Harder, Phillip; Siemens, Evan
16-Oct-2018Atmospheric, soil, surface and groundwater data from the St Denis National Wildlife Area, Saskatchewan, CanadaBam, Edward; Brannen, Rosa; Budhathoki, Sujata; Ireson, Andrew; Spence, Chris; Van der Kamp, Garth
16-Oct-2018A soil moisture and precipitation dataset from the Kenaston/Brightwater Creek basin, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2007 - 2017Tetlock, Erica; Toth, Brenda; Berg, Aaron; Rowlandson, Tracy; Ambadan, Jaison Thomas
9-Oct-2018Hydrometeorological data collected at Wolf Creek Research Basin, Yukon Territory, Canada over 1993-2014Rasouli, Kabir; Pomeroy, John; Janowicz, J. Richard; Williams, Tyler; Carey, Sean
2-Oct-2018The Swift Current hillslopes, Saskatchewan: Digital elevation dataColes, Anna; Russell, Mark; Onclin, Cuyler; Helgason, Warren; Peterson, Amber; Solohub, Michael; McDonnell, Jeffrey
20-Sep-2018A Bias-Corrected 3-hourly 0.125 Gridded Meteorological Forcing Data Set (1979 – 2016) for Land Surface Modeling in North AmericaAsong, Zilefac Elvis; Wheater, Howard; Pomeroy, John; Pietroniro, Alain; Elshamy, Mohamed
19-Jul-2018Hydrological and meteorological dataset from the Lake O’Hara alpine hydrological observatory, 2004-2017He, Jesse; Hayashi, Masaki
16-Apr-2018Soil Moisture Data from the Brightwater Creek Pasture Site (2012-2014)Peterson, Amber; Helgason, Warren; Ireson, Andrew
12-Apr-2018Baker Creek Research Catchment Hydrometeorological and Hydrological DataSpence, Chris; Hedstrom, Newell
12-Dec-2017Bow River at Banff (05BB001) Stage and Discharge MeasurementsWhitfield, Paul; Pomeroy, John
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