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Access and Reuse Policy

1.0 Scope & Purpose

This policy covers the access and reuse of Content submitted to the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) website (the Site),, and the services available on or at the Site (taken together, the Service), including licensing, citation and attribution, and metrics and privacy. The access and reuse of Content from the metadata records of third-party repositories that are discoverable by searching the Site are governed by the license terms for the Content at the source repository.

This policy should be consulted in accordance with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, the Glossary of Terms, and any other relevant policies.

2.0 Licensing

The Service uses the Creative Commons scheme to clearly articulate the license under which Content submitted to the Service is available for access and reuse.

Creative Commons CC0 or CC-BY are encouraged for Content submitted to the Service. Other Creative Commons licenses or alternative license terms may also be considered at the discretion of a Curator.

As outlined in the Data Submission Policy, embargoes may be applied to Content. The chosen license will apply to the data only upon its public release. Users of the Service are responsible for ensuring their use of Content conforms to the stated license.

3.0 Access

Most Content will be immediately available for download in the browser by any User without registration. To download many files at once, a User may generate a Zip archive with a copy of the data files selected by the User. The Service will email a link to download the Zip archive to a valid User email address. User-generated Zip archives and email addresses will be purged regularly by the Service. In some cases, large files may only be accessible via Globus Transfer, which requires registration and a free software download and installation to use.

4.0 Reuse

Content submitted to the Service is intended for reuse for any good faith purpose, contingent on the license applied by the Submitter, including research and scholarship, public policy, and personal interest. Users are encouraged to perform new research on Content and/or incorporate it into replication studies.

Questions about appropriate reuse of Content should be directed to the author of that Content. The Service will supply a mechanism for emailing a designated contact. It is the Content author’s responsibility to ensure contact information remains valid.

5.0 Citation and Attribution

Regardless of the license applied to Content, Users should provide appropriate attribution when reusing Content in accordance with academic and research best practices.

Citations to Content should include at a minimum the creator of that Content, the dataset title, publication year, and a DOI resolving to the Content’s location. Users are encouraged to use standard data citation practices such as DataCite to reference Content in publications.

6.0 Metrics and Privacy

Use and access metrics at the item and repository-level collected by the Service for publicly-available Content will be made available in a de-identified and aggregated form.

Information about Users of and Submitters to the Service may be collected. See the Privacy Policy for complete information. FRDR will not use this personal information for any purpose beyond the use outlined in the Privacy Policy.

7.0 Implementation and Revision

This Policy enters into force on the date of its adoption. It will be reviewed every two years or at any time, as required.

Last Revised: 2024-03-27