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Glossary of Terms

Collaborators: Submitters may designate other FRDR users as Collaborators on a submission. Collaborators will be able to edit Content prior to publication.

Content: Data and associated material (e.g., metadata records, software code, ReadMe text, etc.) uploaded to the Service by Submitters.

Curator: An individual who has responsibility for managing a set of Content in the Service. This may include but is not limited to making acceptance decisions on submission of Content, auditing and improving metadata, and migrating the Content if necessary.

FRDR: Federated Research Data Repository

Personal Information: Personal information is any recorded information that identifies an individual.

Service: The services available on or at the Site offered by the Service Host.

Service Host: The legal entity responsible for offering the Service, being the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (Alliance).

Site: Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) website,

Submitter: An individual who publishes Content to the Service. It is anticipated that, in the majority of cases, the Submitter will be an author of the Content or associated datasets or a researcher collaborating with the author(s).

User: An individual who makes use of the Service by either browsing the Site or downloading Content.

Last Revised: 2023-06-12