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Description: The Mountain Legacy Project compiles historical survey photographs, maps and field notes created between years 1861 to 1953 by surveyors with the Geological Survey of Canada, the Department of the Interior’s Dominion Land Survey and other government departments. Repeated photographs of surveyed historical landscapes have been captured since 1998 onwards, in order to assess environmental change in the Canadian Rocky Mountains over the last century. This database contains archival information describing the historical surveys using information pieced together through research of field notes and other historical references. Field notes, photogtaphic, spatial, and other descriptive information are provided for repeated visits of sites.
Authors: Higgs, Eric; University of Victoria; School of Environmental Studies; ORCID iD
Keywords: landscape photography
repeat photography
environmental change
historical images
British Columbia
Date: 10-Dec-2018
Publisher: Federated Research Data Repository / dépôt fédéré de données de recherche
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This dataset is part/subset of

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Higgs, E. (2018) Mountain Legacy Project - Project Database. Federated Research Data Repository.