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Characterization of high mountain glacier microbiota following inundation with wildfire soot

Description: Glacier ecosystems are shrinking at an accelerating rate due to changes in climate, but also due to increased deposition of soot, which has resulted in darkening of glacier surfaces and subsequent changes in absorption of light, associated heat, and altered microbial communities. In this study, compositions of microbial communities on surfaces of the Athabasca Glacier (Alberta, Canada) were measured by use of DNA metabarcoding. Three matrices, glacier ice, cryoconite hole, and glacial surface sediment, were analyzed. The samples were extracted for DNA and were PCR amplified targeting the hypervariable V3-V4 region of the 16S ribosomal RNA subunit I gene of prokaryotes, as well as the hypervariable V3 region of the 18S ribosomal RNA gene of eukaryotic organisms. Amplicons were sequenced performing a 600-cycle paired-end sequencing run on an Illumina® MiSeq sequencer. This dataset includes the demultiplexed sequencing output, the feature table with taxonomic annotation, and the sample metadata.
Notes: Item exited embargo and became publicly available on 2022-01-01
Authors: Esser, Milena; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0002-2802-6160
Ankley, Phillip; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0002-5883-6148
Aubry-Wake, Caroline; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0002-9452-8580
Xie, Yuwei; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0001-5652-6413
Baulch, Helen; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0001-9018-4998
Hoggarth, Cameron; University of Saskatchewan
Hecker, Markus; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0002-7237-6192
Hollert, Henner; Goethe University Frankfurt; ORCID iD 0000-0001-5776-5619
Giesy, John; University of Saskatchewan; Baylor University; ORCID iD 0000-0003-1931-9962
Pomeroy, John; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0002-4782-7457
Brinkmann, Markus; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0002-4985-263X
Keywords: Athabasca Glacier
Field of Research: 
Biological sciences
Publication Date: 2022-01-01
Publisher: Federated Research Data Repository / dépôt fédéré de données de recherche
Funder: Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF); Global Water Futures Program (GWF)
Global Water Futures (GWF); Next generation solutions to ensure healthy water resources for future generations
Geographic Coverage: 
Place Name
Athabasca Glacier
Province /
Province / Territory
Geographic Point: 
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Esser, M., Ankley, P., Aubry-Wake, C., Xie, Y., Baulch, H., Hoggarth, C., Hecker, M., Hollert, H., Giesy, J., Pomeroy, J., Brinkmann, M. (2022). Characterization of high mountain glacier microbiota following inundation with wildfire soot. Federated Research Data Repository.