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Beaver and BDA sediment fingerprinting dataset

Description: The purpose for the collection of the dataset was to explore the potential of sediment fingerprinting to distinguish sediment source contributions to beaver dams and the most commonly used type of beaver mimicry structure, beaver dam analogues (BDAs). As well, the dataset was collected to evaluate how the origin of sediment retained by BDAs compares to beaver dams. The dataset was used to support the analyses described in the paper "Comparing the sources of sediment retained by beaver dams and beaver dam analogues", by Cherie J. Westbrook and David J. Cooper, published in Water Resources Research, 2024.
Authors: Westbrook, Cherie; University of Saskatchewan; ORCID iD 0000-0003-1666-3979
Cooper, David; Colorado State University; ORCID iD 0000-0003-3391-3538
Keywords: Castor canadensis
sediment storage
stream bed aggradation
stream restoration
sediment fingerprinting
mixing model
Field of Research: 
Earth and related environmental sciences
Environmental geoscience
Publication Date: 2024-07-31
Publisher: Federated Research Data Repository / dépôt fédéré de données de recherche
Funder: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; RGPIN-2017-05873
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; RGPIN-2022-03681
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; NSERC CREATE for Water Security; 463960-2015
Alberta Innovates
Government of Canada; CFREF in Water Security
Geographic Coverage: 
Place Name
Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area
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Province / Territory
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Westbrook, C., Cooper, D. (2024). Beaver and BDA sediment fingerprinting dataset. Federated Research Data Repository.