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SolarSpec Group @ UBCO

The SolarSpec group contributes to worldwide efforts in developing affordable clean energy. Our main focus is understanding the photophysical and photochemical processes that dictate efficiency in solar fuel producing systems. Our advanced time-resolved optical spectroscopy techniques give us the insights necessary to understand the influence of key physical and chemical parameters, and optimize material synthesis with strong rational. Taking inspiration from natural photosynthesis, we develop low-cost semiconductors (e.g. carbon nitrides) to produce the hydrogen as a chemical fuel from water and sunlight. This artificial photosynthetic process – photocatalytic water splitting – offers a way to harness solar energy in chemical bonds, making storage and handling simpler than for traditional photovoltaic solar cells. Our fundamental and applied studies also lead us to explore new methods for the sequestration and valorization of CO2, as well as photocatalytic water remediation. In this collection you will find experimental data that underlie our published work.

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