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The Simon Fraser University FRDR collection acts as SFU's research data repository. It contains data collections created by SFU researchers and supports data curation activities including long term access. Use this portal to search and browse research data deposited by SFU faculty, students, and staff.

To learn about how to deposit to FRDR, visit the FRDR Documentation pages. Please note that if you are an SFU Graduate student, you have the option to deposit your thesis research data to Summit, SFU's institutional repository.

For assistance with all stages of research data management, including questions about FRDR and preparing your research data for deposit to FRDR, please contact

Venditti, Jeremy; Curran, Michael; Steelquist, Aaron T.; Larimer, Jeffery
Curran, Michael; Larimer, Jeffrey; Venditti, Jeremy; Stead, Doug; Clague, John; Donati, Davide
Li, Tingan; Venditti, Jeremy; Sklar, Leonard
Chimuka, V. Rachel; Nzotungicimpaye, Claude-Michel; Zickfeld, Kirsten
Su, Geoffrey, Y.; Allison, Michael, J.; Beblow, Jordan; Koch, Kevin; Anderson, Jeffrey; M’Gonigle, Leithen, K.; Cleveland, Mark; Helbing, Caren, C.; Marlatt, Vicki, L.
Cao, Zhihao; Venditti, Jeremy G.
Haught, Dan R.W.; Venditti, Jeremy G.
Li, Tingan; Venditti, Jeremy; Sklar, Leonard; Lamb, Michael
Cao, Zhihao; Venditti, Jeremy; Li, Tingan
MacIsaac, Alexander J.; Matthews, H. Damon; Zickfeld, Kirsten; Dickau, Mitchell; Mathesius, Sabine; Nzotungicimpaye, Claude-Michel; Luers, Amy
Barrett, Robin C. A.; Poe, Rollin; O'Camb, Justin W.; Woodruff, Cal; Harrison, Scott; Dolguikh, Katerina; Chuong, Christine; Klassen, Amanda D.; Zhang, Ruilin; Joseph, Rohan B.; Blair, Mark R.
Herath, Sachini; Furukawa, Yasutaka; Yan, Hang
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