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Water Institute

Ranked among the top 10 water research institutes in the world, the Water Institute is a leader in water research and education. Distinguished by its commitment to 1) facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, 2) inspiring innovation and 3) building international partnerships, the Water Institute is tackling some of the most complex water challenges of our time.

Approved Date
10-May-2021Predicted 21st Century Non-growing Season Net Ecosystem Exchanges of CO2 from the Mer Bleue Bog: Support Vector Regression Model Outputs for RCP2.6, RCP4.5 and RCP8.5Rafat, Arash A.R; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Quinton, William L.; Humphreys, Elyn R.; Webster, Kara; Van Cappellen, Philippe
1-Apr-2022Impact of Winter Soil Processes on Nutrient Leaching in Cold Region AgroecosystemsKrogstad, Konrad; Jensen, Grant; Gharasoo, Mehdi; Hug, Laura; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun
16-Apr-2021Data for: Comparative valuation of potential and realized ecosystem services in Southern Ontario, CanadaAziz, Tariq; Van Cappellen, Philippe
12-Mar-2021Target Self‐Enhanced Selectivity in Metal‐Specific DNAzymesHuang, Po-Jung Jimmy; de Rochambeau, Donatien; Sleiman, Hanadi F.; Juewen, Liu
8-Mar-2021Instantaneous Iodine-Assisted DNAzyme Cleavage of Phosphorothioate RNAHuang, Po-Jung Jimmy; Moon, Woohyun Jennifer; Liu, Juewen
16-Feb-2021Oxidation of Fe(II) by Flavins under Anoxic ConditionsZhang, Peng; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Pi, Kunfu
12-Mar-2020A DNA-based biosensor for aqueous Mercury(II)Pi, Kunfu; Liu, Juewen; Van Cappellen, Philippe
3-Mar-2020Anthropogenic Phosphorus Mass Balance in Ontario Counties and WatershedsVan Staden, Tamara; Van Meter, Kim; Saurette, Daniel; Basu, Nandita; Parsons, Chris; Van Cappellen, Philippe
25-Feb-2020Arsenic Oxidation by Flavin-Derived Reactive Species under Oxic and Anoxic ConditionsPi, Kunfu; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Markelova, Ekaterina; Zhang, Peng
14-Feb-2020A soil permittivity and temperature dataset of Canadian agricultural soils acquired in laboratory and in situPardo Lara, Renato; Tetlock, Erica; Berg, Aaron
20-Sep-2019Meteorological and hydrological data from the Alder Creek Watershed, Grand River Basin, Ontario.Wiebe, Andrew J.; Menkveld, Paul G.; Hillier, Cailin E.; Mesec, Emilie; Rudolph, David L.
20-Sep-2019Bedload sediment transport and morphologic data in an unrestored and restored reach of Wilket Creek, Toronto, Canada.Papangelakis, Elli; MacVicar, Bruce
13-Aug-2019Bedload sediment transport and morphologic data in semi-alluvial rivers conditioned by urbanization and stormwater managementPapangelakis, Elli; MacVicar, Bruce; Ashmore, Peter
16-Apr-2019Input and Output Variables for the biogeochemical modeling study of the Lakes Response to Climate Change, Internal Loads and Restoration MeasuresMarkelov, Igor; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Couture, Raoul-Marie
3-Apr-2019Reactive Silicon Data in Hamilton Harbour, Lake OntarioRidenour, Christine; Van Cappellen, Philippe; Parsons, Chris; Marvin, Chris; Fiztpatrick, Mark
19-Mar-2019Effects of Damming on River Nitrogen Fluxes: A Global AnalysisAkbarzadeh, Zahra; Maavara, Taylor; Slowinski, Stephanie; Van Cappellen, Philippe
4-Feb-2019Benthic nitrite exchanges in the Seine River (France)Akbarzadeh, Zahra; Laverman, Anniet; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Raimonet, Mélanie; Viollier, Eric; Shafei, Babak; Van Cappellen, Philippe
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